What to expect

The Weekend Intervention Program Provides:

  • A state certified driver intervention program conducted by professionals.
  • Seventy-two or forty-eight hours of confinement, with twenty-four hour security, giving clients an alternative to jail as stipulated in the impaired motorist sections of the Ohio Revised Code.
  • Individual and group counseling helping the client to deal with both the conviction and the problems that caused it.
  • A clinical assessment of the client's involvement with substance use that helps to distinguish between "social use" and "problem use". (WIP is one of the few remaining driver intervention programs in Ohio continuing to provide full assessment services.)
  • Tools and resources for the client for further help and support outside WIP, if necessary.


  • The Weekend Intervention Program is first and foremost a teaching program.
  • The groundbreaking methods developed at WIP were created with the specific role of educating individuals about substance use and the belief that early intervention into someone's relationship with substance use could reduce the number of problems developed in the future.
  • WIP plays an active role in the education of students at Wright State University and surrounding schools by offering hands-on learning opportunities.
  • WIP continues to participate in nationally recognized research focusing on the needs of individuals who have received substance use-related driving convictions.


  • A record of nearly 40 years of continuous service to the Miami Valley.
  • Provides services to numerous Ohio courts, as well as numerous courts and agencies in other states.
  • 70 percent of our professional staff are counselors or social workers licensed by the state of Ohio. Recognized by the Boonshoft School of Medicine and the Wright State University College of Liberal Arts as valued providers of substance abuse education.
  • Continues to meet or exceed all state standards for program performance, many of which were based on the programming developed at the Weekend Intervention Program.
  • Employs a professional staff with a strong diversity of professional and personal experience in the areas of substance abuse.


  • WIP has a proven record for reducing recidivism and for moving those individuals who have an alcohol or drug problem out of the legal system and into treatment.
  • WIP received the Wright State University President's Award for Excellence in 1997.
  • WIP consistently receives high marks on performance from referring judges, attending students and clients. "Keep up the great work. All probationers that attended your WIP spoke very highly of the program." —A Local Court Official
  • "I have learned a lot being in this program. I am glad this happened. It could have been so much worse. I could have hurt or killed someone." —A WIP Client
  • "I thought this was a great experience for med students given that we do not really get any other training with respect to substance abuse." —A Medical Student
our goals


to provide a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s involvement with alcohol and other psychoactive drugs;



to confront participant denial and encourage self-evaluation; and



to prepare participants for treatment when necessary and to increase their accessibility to treatment.

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