If you are ill stay home! 

Upon arrival at the Weekend Intervention Program the temperature of each participant will be taken.  Anyone with a temperature above 100 will be asked to sit quietly for 20 minutes on the chance that the exertion required to get to the program or anxiety about the program has caused a spike.  If, after 20 minutes, you still register a temperature above 100, you will not be admitted into the program.  There will be no rescheduling fee assessed. 

You will be required to wear a mask/scarf over your mouth and nose at the program.  You are responsible for bringing your own mask or scarf.  However, a limited supply of masks will be available for purchase (5.00) should you not bring one.  If you are unwilling to wear a mask, do not come to the program. 

You must follow all on-site posted requirements for reducing the spread of Covid-19 including maintaining 6’ of distance from all others present whenever possible, washing your hands or using hand sanitizer regularly throughout the weekend, and not sharing any items with any other individual.

Program attendance will be restricted to 10-20 participants depending upon the program location to allow for maintaining 6’ of space between individuals. Your reservation in a program is not guaranteed until payment has been received.  When the maximum space is reached, a program will be closed.  All unpaid participants will be rescheduled to future programs.  

Conference rooms will be cleaned thoroughly prior to the start of each program and every night after programming ends.  Alcohol spray will be used on chairs, tabletops, door handles, remotes, etc.  



Since it will be necessary for smokers to lower their masks/scarves in order to smoke maintaining 6’ of distance will be essential.  

COVID-19 Protocols

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